The chances are that we all indulge in the occasional online game from time to time, whether to break the monotony of our day or to advance our game level past our friends and family. Be it Cafe World, Farmville, or the ever rising Texas Holdem Poker, it demonstrates a surprising trend in how ordinary people have the desire to succeed in management. At first glance, the games appear to be just that, simple fun, not meant to be taken too seriously, เว็บไซต์แทงบอล  but when we look a little closer we see that for many of our family and friends, this has become more than just a game.

In my own group of friends on Facebook for example, we had a long time love affair with Cafe World going on which saw us all logging on and sending each other dishes of freshly prepared food to keep our ever expanding cafe’s stocked and our customer rating high. This leads to an overall score in the virtual cafe and inevitably competition develops. At that point, it kind of stops being a game for some and now a battle for supremacy begins where our managerial talents are put to the test.

Observing this from the comfort of your own home or office, you can’t help but pass judgement on your group and notice who has real talent for management and who is just plodding along aimlessly with no real chance of challenging anyone. I sometimes forget that some people are really just out for a bit of fun, and don’t intend to be the next Gordon Ramsay, but if I said that a lot of people are setting alarm clocks to be up in time to cook dishes, then you begin to see how seriously this affects some people.

Which begs the question about channelling this talent into something which is actually productive. If these individuals have the ability to take a small amount of virtual cash, and swell it into a fortune playing free games on-line, then could they do the same when there is real money at stake?

This leads to a more serious question; have ordinary people got the same flair for management when they have to put some actual cash at risk, or does the talent disappear when it’s no longer just a game? I think if we offered our groups of friends and family the chance to make real money playing Cafe World or Farmville, we would be swamped with interest, predicatively because they have proven to themselves how easy it is to succeed at that game.

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