Many players often wonder what it takes to become the best at online gaming. Some of the greatest online players have key skills like fast reaction times, quick thinking, endurance แทงบอลออนไลน์ and determination. Fast reaction times can help in tight situations to duck or jump out of the way of your enemies. Things like quick thinking will be good so that you know which gun to switch to or which grenade will do the most damage to an opponent at the right time. Quick thinking can also be noticing an explosive barrel next an enemy that you can blow up to kill them. Endurance and determination would be something that encompasses a truly great player. The best players even during the longest battles online keep their wits about them and don’t give up. If you keep playing through the bad games eventually you will find yourself on a winning path. It takes a few bad games to really learn from your mistakes. Learning from your mistakes on Xbox Live will help make you a better player.

You might think this is all it takes to become a top player but there are some other methods that players are using to get the best advantage on their enemies. There is a peripheral available that is called an Xbox rapid fire controller. These controllers give players the opportunity to use weapons they wouldn’t normally because it gives that weapon a bit more power. When you use an Xbox rapid fire controller you can use a single fire gun just like a fully automatic gun. Sometimes you can even fire faster than other guns. If you like to switch guns often you can also toggle the rapid fire off or on in 8 different modes. The different modes suit different players, their playing styles and also the guns themselves. You might think how a player can use this to win a match.

How often do you turn around a corner in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and shoot an enemy but all too often they beat you to the punch and kill you where you stand. With a rapid fire feature you can mow down the opposition in a rain of bullets like never before. The enemy will die so fast they won’t even know what hit them. They also have a cool customizable led light on the controller that I believe looks pretty cool. Most players who are at the top of the charts have been using these controllers for years since games like counter strike. The benefits of these controller’s means only the best players have them or they become one when they get one. Even pistols fire ten times faster than you could ever make them if you used a normal controller; this makes it extremely hard for your opponents to kill you.

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